Saturday, May 06, 2006

where do they find these guys?

The proctor for our Civ Pro exam put his head down to take a nap. That's not fair, taunting us overtired and overstressed law students like that.

And then he got up with fifteen minutes left in the exam to interrupt me while I was furiously trying to finish my exam (since I still had two questions left to answer) and tell me that my sandals made too loud of a noise against the floor when I shuffled or tapped my feet. Excuse me. I'm sorry I was annoying the three people in the room who weren't plugged into their iPods...and I'm sorry that my foot tapping was audible over the sound of fifteen people typing furiously. Next time, leave me alone. Or, better yet, you should've given me enough time to finish my last sentence when time was called, since you took a minute out of my exam-taking time that I shall never get back, and prevented me from being able to conclude my sentence in an understandable manner.

While I'm complaining - the "error" you (and all of the gunners) were so concerned about that it caused you to have to interrupt both halves of the class to point out? Yeah. That error didn't matter one freakin' bit to the answer...and for my fellow students, if you'd sat there and read the question and thought about it for five seconds, you would've figured that out too and moved on. So thanks for interrupting me for no valid reason whatsoever.



At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Joint Tortfeasor said...

napping would have been nice, eh? But that is not our fate, apparently. Oh Well. What can you do?
C from Colorado sues A from Alaska. L seeks to remove. MUHAHA


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