Thursday, May 04, 2006

old habits

Like my disastrous Crim Pro final, my Civ Pro final is open-everything, and has a 3 hour time limit.

Unlike my Crim Pro final, I know about this time limit beforehand (thanks to C).

I've got the basic structure of my outline done, but I still need to go back and fill in with class notes, reading notes, and Lexis details. And I need to put together something on class actions. And then actually sit here and study stuff so that I can actually finish this exam and not sit here for two days afterwards going "Jesus Christ, I didn't even answer that question, did I?"

I'll get started on all that right....after I finish watching "General Hospital".

(You didn't think I'd actually reform my ways, did you?)

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At 9:20 PM, Blogger daladies said...

That's what friends are for, sweets. And I am sure you didn't fail. We all are going to get B's anyway. :)


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