Friday, April 28, 2006

my uppance hath come

Apparently, God felt the need to punish me for skipping the Crim Pro review session this morning so that I could go to the Cubs game.

"How so?" I hear you ask. Well...I'll tell you.

I got to the game to discover that my seat was next to the fattest guy I have ever seen. (Slight exaggeration...but he was still the heftiest guy in the stadium, easy.) So there I sat for two hours and forty-one minutes, scrunched up like a ball in my chair so that I wasn't sitting on the lap of the guy on my other side. And it's really hard to scrunch up in a ball when you have nearly three feet worth of legs to deal with.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to sprawling out on my three-plus hour bus ride home. But oh no NO! God was not yet finished with me.

I got stuck next to the girl reading Us magazine who glared at me whenever I tried to rearrange my aforementioned three feet of legs in the two feet of leg space...and in front of loudest, most irritating sorority girl ever, who felt the need to spend the entire ride on the phone...not to mention the guy with the radio blasting...or the guys who decided that "playing drum beats on notebooks in confined spaces is fun!"...and then there was the guy across the aisle from me whose fly was down for about half of the ride.

I wonder what'll happen if I blow off studying tomorrow too...

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At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen to me girl God didnt punish you at all. Maybe hes just trying to tell you something. I know your thinking ya how. Well now im going to tell you. Maybe hes saying opean your eyes to meet new people that you wouldnt normaly want to met. But, belive me its not whats on the outside but, whats on the inside. Solmtimes you can find the most beautiful things form the things that you hate. Just try it. And who knows you just mright like what you see. From srm123.


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