Tuesday, April 25, 2006

things that go bump in the night

My Property professor regularly stops class to tell tales of the time he lived in the Sudan/Indonesia/Zambia/Other Obscure Third-World Countries. Today, we were talking about apartment complexes that don't allow pets, and he was surprised to see that this particular complex doesn't allow reptiles. Then he proceeds to tell us the following tale:

When he lived in [insert African country name here], he had a friend with a 7-foot python. The python got loose and ended up in the sewage system, where it can live without food for 3-7 years. The condo complex sent out correspondence warning tenants that the python was there, and could come up any time...through the toilets.

Makes you wonder who's lived in your apartment for the last 7 years, doesn't it?

[Runs to store to buy lifetime supply of Depends]



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