Thursday, April 20, 2006

a very merry un-(half-)birthday

I realized last night that today marks the beginning of my last six months of being "under 25". I know - it's scary.

In honor of my half-birthday, I'd like to put up an early draft of this year's birthday list...mostly so that the people who know me (*cough*Mom*cough*) can start saving money to buy me things.

1. Tickets to the November 19th Packers-Patriots game - because I want to be the ONLY person in Lambeau not rooting for GB.
2. TiVo
3. Someone to come clean my apartment weekly (which may be difficult to find, since we're apparently rounding up illegal immigrants and kicking them out of the country)
4. "CSI: Miami" Seasons 1-4
5. Starbucks gift cards. Lots of them.

At this time, Counsel would also like to move for leave to amend freely over the next six months. All amendments will have taken place at least a week before my birthday.

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