Wednesday, July 12, 2006

you remember me forever!

I discovered last night that, after only one year in law school, I have already left my legacy.

No, I didn't go around smashing people's treats into their faces and running away.

I was talking to someone at a bar last night who was under the impression that we had met before. I said that we hadn't, and she asked if I was in Prof. K's Contracts class. I replied affirmatively, and the following conversation ensued:

Her: I thought that was you. He called on you a lot, right?

Me: No, not really. And when he did, I always replied 'I don't know'.

Her: That was you. I definitely remember you doing that.

Me: Yeah, I was the only one who actually admitted they didn't know an answer.

So while I thought I was flying under the radar, my lack of desire to waste my classmates' time by spending ten minutes floundering for an answer and backing it up with baseless opinions definitely got me noticed. I'd like to think that they'll remember me as "the one who wasn't a giant douche" for these acts of selflessness.



At 12:22 PM, Blogger Merry Mama said...

And they will. THough, I'm the sort of douche you're talking about


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