Tuesday, July 11, 2006

after all, tomorrow is another day

My day started out really, really well. It involved me getting caught in a downpour (with an umbrella, mind you) and missing the bus. Apparently, me running towards the bus and waving my arms frantically didn't tip off the bus driver to stop the bus, and none of the passengers felt like yelling to the driver to stop for the drowned rat-esque woman running down the street.

So then I had to go home and wait for the next bus, arriving half an hour later. By the time I got home, my work clothes were soaked completely through, and I had to change into dry clothes before I went back out into the rain.

Then I had to skip my morning coffee so that I would only be 45 minutes "late" instead of an hour "late". I finally got over not having my morning coffee around 5 this afternoon - that's when the hot and cold flashes and the lightheadedness finally subsided. (Side note: I *think* I may have a caffeine addiction problem. Oh well.)

To top it all off, I received the first actual, concrete deadline of my internship today. But on the bright side, the deadline doesn't actually require me writing anything. See, all my boss wants me to do in my "writing-intensive" internship is to read the motions and the replies, and then come into his office to discuss the issues before he e-mails his two cents to his boss. The downside, however, is that I actually have to show up on time tomorrow in order to get a jump on reading the documents, since I definitely ran out of the office half an hour early today.

At least it's not supposed to rain...

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At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"rat-esque woman"

I'm not sure I would call you rat like.


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