Thursday, February 01, 2007


So there's this job that I want next summer. The only job I've seen out there that I really, really want. It's a job back east, doing something I potentially want to do for a career, and in a city where I don't have to pay to live, thanks to the large number of extended family members living in this city's metro area.I applied for the job in mid-November, and then heard nothing.

So instead, I applied for (and got) another summer job through the school. I signed my "contract" with the professor, signed up for the class that accompanies the job, and began making arrangements to spend the summer up in a place that I can only describe as Northeast Buttlick, Wisconsin. (It's about 20 miles south of Michigan's U.P.)

Today, I get a call asking if I want to interview for the job I want. Now, I know that interviews don't necessarily mean a job...but the fact that circumstances are such that I can't even interview for the job that I want is really, really depressing.

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At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You MUST interview. Just see what happens. If you do get it, then you will know that you need to make a decision. You can always talk to Professor, he's pretty reasonable, if it should go that far.

At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an issue I feel really passionate about. I applied for a clinic at school (the most competitive one), and was placed on the "short waitlist". I have heard that every year, there are some people who change their minds about clinics in Spring when they're offered paying jobs. However, that doesn't help me. That clinic was my #1 choice. Now, I have to search out a job doing something else, while someone who might not even want the clinic has my spot. Stick to your decision. If you weren't 100% sure about your choice, you shouldn't have made it, right?


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