Wednesday, October 03, 2007

where'd i put my 'role of the prosecutor' cliff's notes?

I have a (very short, max 5 pages) paper due tomorrow.

The paper is supposed to discuss "the ideal prosecutor", based on my summer experiences and what we've discussed in class over the last four weeks.

Would've been nice if I had known that that would be the topic before I spent the three weeks before receiving the topic not paying attention.

This is gonna be interesting...just like all those times I wrote papers in high school without ever reading the books about which I was supposed to be writing.

(The good news is that I always got A's on those papers. I never read Heart of Darkness or A Tale of Two Cities, but my papers on those books were excellent. Then again, I went to a public high school. In the south. Not exactly swimming in the deep end of the gene pool.)

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