Monday, September 24, 2007

paying attention in class won't help me understand it anyway

For those of you who saw me walking around the law school this morning.... yes, I was barefoot. And no, I don't care. I bought new flats over the weekend because I wanted shoes that were stylish, yet conducive to the mile-and-a-half walk home from school (i.e., not three-inch stilettos). However, said flats are not yet broken in, and by the time I got to my bus stop this morning, both of my feet were bleeding. So even if the floor in the law school is disease-ridden (which I'm sure it is, because crushed hopes and dreams leave a nasty rash), I'd rather risk it than deal with the pain of having a third layer of skin taken off of my heels by my shoes.

Should I be scared that I feel like Secured Transactions is already waaaaaaaaay over my head?

You know what? I'm not going to think about that right now. The new season of "CSI: Miami" starts tonight, which means that I'll watch David Caruso stare at the screen and give a one-liner that sums up the upcoming episode right before the scream in "Won't Get Fooled Again" starts the opening credits while wearing those really AWESOME shades. That'll be good for a few laughs.

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At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get Examples and Explanations for Secured Transactions. You will learn everything you need to know. I learned it all in the week before the exam exclusively from E&E!

At 10:24 PM, Blogger Kevin Lomax said...

I wouldn't bother. Just highlight and flag the crap out of the UCC and you'll be as set as you need to be. Plus, get the professor's "special handout" cheatsheet for the final. He may not have mentioned it yet.


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