Wednesday, August 29, 2007

click it good

Through two years of law school, I've managed to avoid any classes that employ The Clicker. The Clicker is a device know, I don't know what The Clicker does, exactly. I think it's a thirty-some-odd piece of equipment that allows you to vote for a particular response, kind of like the "Ask the Audience" lifeline on Millionaire.*

So I get to the Bookmart today to buy my $500 worth of books (by far the most I've spent during my seven year education). The girl at the window starts assembling my pile, then comes back and asks, "You don't really want a clicker, do you?"

At that moment, I realized that maybe the Bookmart is really on our side. They know that The Clicker is a useless piece of crap...and that the $30 I would spend on a Clicker would be better spent on other things...such as "The Office: Season 3".

So I leftThe Clicker at the Bookmart. And The Clicker won't be joining my schoolbook family until the day when use of The Clicker seriously impacts my grade. Until then, I'll pantomime clicking on my cellphone when I start texting people to tell them that Clickers are ridiculous.

*Apparently, the old "raise your hand" device is too cheap for the faculty to ask the students to use.

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At 3:59 PM, Blogger Kevin Lomax said...

I'm keeping the one I bought since it appears that a large percentage of our grade will be clicker participation usage based. But like you, I went this far and thought I could graduate without being cursed with it. Guess I was wrong. On the other hand, you can screw with the professor by flipping your answers all around constantly while they are trying to talk about the results. Small pleasures....


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