Sunday, August 19, 2007

old friends

J and I became friends on the first day of orientation - we were in the same group as each other, and she lived two floors above me. We had a blast freshman year...and then I committed the ultimate sin: I dated her ex-boyfriend. Basically, this guy came down to visit J after they had broken up, he and I became friends, and then we started dating over the summer.

Well, the ex-boyfriend and I split up shortly into my fall semester sophomore year, and J and I had a falling out shortly after that. After several months of moping around, I decided to just give up on the group of friends we had collected and move on, just living my life as independently and as care-free...well, as I have ever since. A few weeks into the spring semester of our sophomore year, I was having lunch by myself in the dining hall when J came over to join me. It took some time, but we eventually made up and repaired our friendship. (The same could not be said for the rest of our group of friends, who continued to ostracize me.)

J and I stayed friends for the next two years - we managed to plan some times to hang out while we were both studying abroad (once in Salzburg, the other in Edinburgh), we had weekly lunch dates, and we even spent most of graduation weekend celebrating together. A few weeks after graduation, we lost touch - the last I had heard was that she had moved in with the ex-boyfriend that nearly came between us (they had since gotten back together again).

In the four years since college, J isn't the only person with whom I've lost contact. The last friend I was in contact with stopped speaking to me in early 2004, after a falling out at work in which she was convinced that I was trying to get her fired. (I wasn't.)

The other day, though, I was puttering around on the interwebs when I glanced at the e-mail address that I really haven't used since college...and discovered that J had e-mailed me several hours earlier. Now I have a chance to reconnect with someone who played a rather large role in my life, and I'm pretty jazzed about that. Plus, it's always nice to know that, even though I spend the majority of my time alone, I'm not as completely alone as I think.

I think I'm gonna chase that feeling for a while.



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