Wednesday, September 05, 2007

once bitten, twice shy

I made the mistake of getting up to go to my 9am class this morning.

Yes, I know getting up that early for a class is always a mistake. But today was particularly mistakey. (That is a word. I made it up.)

There has been so much rain around here the past few weeks that mosquitoes are everywhere. I live two blocks from my bus stop. By the time I got to the bus stop, I had killed about five mosquitoes in mid-bite - on my arms, my legs, my face... When I got to school, I realized my arm was covered in red welts from all the bites I received. It's so bad that (a) I'm embarrassed to be sitting in class with my welty arm, and (b) I'll probably be wearing long sleeves for the foreseeable future.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but is it winter yet?

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At 4:09 PM, Blogger Kevin Lomax said...

carmex on the bite makes the hurt go away and the swelling go down. Pass it on.


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