Sunday, February 24, 2008

reading over shoulders is a valuable skill

My Contracts II class is about 85% 1Ls. It's even more torturous than it sounds.

Last week, our professor went on a rant about how most contracts are poorly drafted and that law schools do little to remedy that problem. So I look up from my game of Tetris 2 for a few minutes and see that the kid in front of me has written the following in his notes:

"Law school does not spend lot of time talking and teaching how to draft contracts, and therefore many lawyers are not good at drafting contracts."*

......At that point, I really just wanted to pat that kid on the head and tell him that it's all going to be okay one day...and that if that sentiment is on the exam, I'll be sure to look outside to see if four dudes are riding up Bascom Hill on horseback.

Instead, I went back to my game of Tetris 2. Because, record during that hour and twenty minute class is Level 32 - I have to beat that before the semester's over.

*Any errors in grammar are that kid's, not mine.

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