Thursday, February 14, 2008

i've had it up to here with winter

Is it just me, or doesn't "clear your sidewalks" mean that there shouldn't be a three inch thick icy, slushy mess covering your sidewalks?

Unfortunately, around my neighborhood (and the University), it seems that "clear your sidewalks" just means to brush off the sidewalk in an eighteen-inch-wide path that a wheelchair could get down (if the person in the wheelchair didn't mind the bumpy ride provided by the layers of ice and packed snow that no one wants to bother clearing).

It's really annoying that, on top of having to keep digging my car out from underneath the 80 inches of snow that have fallen since December, I end up risking breaking a bone every time I leave my apartment because people refuse to clear their sidewalks already.

On the bright side, moving to Texas in three months means that I'll never have to put up with this nonsense ever again.



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