Monday, October 29, 2007


So where have I been over the last ten days? Well...
**Birthday. Yes, I turned 26 last weekend. Did I have a good time? Yeah. Did I get to do what I really wanted to do for my birthday? No. But oh well. I did have a very lovely dinner on my birthday after a fun trip to the corn maze, so I can't complain too much. (But I wish I had been able to find a cheaper flight to Arizona to spend the weekend with my sister, who actually would have been willing to do what I wanted to do on my birthday, instead of making plans for my birthday and expecting me to be happy tagging along with those.)
**Sick. Of course, birthday weekend ended with me getting sick, and spending most of the past week sitting in class with a fever. (Note to the rest of the UW Law School: you're welcome.) Because this is me we're talking about, of course I had to get sick during the one week this semester where I've actually had work to do. Speaking of which...
**Schoolwork. I had two writing assignments, a cite checking packet, and...something else...all due last week. I've gotten the first writing assignment back and discovered that I completely misunderstood the instructions that my professor didn't really explain at all. (Apparently, "outside case law" meant "Wisconsin cases not in the materials". Who knew?) All that work led to me sitting in the library about ready to pass out with the above-mentioned fever. Although now that I think about it, I have a feeling that the schoolwork caused my illness. I have to believe that, at this point, my body is just completely opposed to doing anything productive, and my immune system is doing whatever it takes to keep me on the couch watching TV like I should be.
**Relaxation. So I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of the fly-over at the UW football game. No, I didn't go do the cane toss. I figured other people who actually had family coming to the game needed the tickets more than I did....and besides, I won my first trial over the summer. So unless the cane toss is now giving people "find a job" luck, it's really wasted on me. Saturday night was Halloween, which involved me not getting dressed up before going to a friend's house to watch scary movies. Sunday, I went and saw Dan in Real Life, which I was very impressed with. Honestly, I think Steve Carell has more than proven that he has actual acting talent, and isn't just a funnyman along the lines of Will Ferrell. (Okay, okay. I cried during this movie. I'll admit it.)
**Football. I know I touched on the Badger game above, but I need to take some time to point out that I'm really enjoying this football season. But that's probably because I'm a New England Patriots fan, and I'm having fun taunting my friends who are Redskins fans about the fact that Washington didn't really show up in Foxborough during yesterday's 52-7 trouncing. It's just a shame that I can't get Super Bowl tickets....

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