Wednesday, November 07, 2007

things i did to stay awake

What I did in class today:
-- Shopped for sweaters on
-- Read up on the latest (non-)dealings in the Writers' Guild of America strike.
-- Worked on the motion I have due in class tomorrow.
-- Looked for classes to take next semester. (Seriously, it's really hard to try and decide which crap is least...crappy.)
-- Created a new mix CD in iTunes.
-- IMed/e-mailed friends.
Up next: looking for players for my fantasy football teams to make up for the fact that the Patriots have a bye this week. It's going to be tough, though, to make up for the 25 points per week I get out of Tom Brady.

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At 10:44 PM, Blogger Overthee Hill said...

Are you trying to say that we shouldn't be doing that stuff during class? I think that if you are like me, and have no ability to pay attention, you should shop, IM and email to your heart's content.



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