Friday, January 11, 2008

it'd be awesome if the bookmart sold used textbooks

I just dropped a class for next semester simply because I didn't feel like shelling out $130 for brand-new materials.

I'm pretty sure that this signifies yet another new low in my law school career. Then again, I could just try to pass this off as me standing up for the principle that, since my tuition payments cover waaaaaaaay more than the value of the education I'm receiving (including the quality of the law school facilities), my books should be comped. Or at least available for a reasonable price.

Of course, while changing my schedule around, I kept having this nagging thought that this may not be my last semester, since odds are pretty good that I failed either Tax or Secured Transactions last semester. (In fact, I probably failed both - even though I actually studied for those exams and thought that I understood the material. Go figure.)

And this just in: the Character and Fitness portion of the bar application is torture. (Muffled voices in background.) Okay, so I've just been informed that every law student ever has felt this exact excruciating pain.

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