Friday, March 21, 2008

that'll do, weather

Apparently, Madison is in the middle of a massive snowstorm right now that will leave roughly a foot of freshly-fallen snow on the city by tomorrow.

Yes, it is March 21. I know; I double-checked.

Fortunately, I'm in Mesa, it's 77 degrees out at 10am, and I won't have to deal with snow when I go to the Brewers spring training game this afternoon. Right now, my "get out of Madison" spring break plans make me feel like a genius.

But if the snow/ice isn't off my car by the time I get home, and I have to dig my car out from underneath a sheet of icy residue yet again, I am going to be one very, very unhappy panda. (Some might even go so far as to call me a "sad panda".) And I will be an unhappy panda right up until the part where I move to Austin two months from, well, today, and never have to deal with snow again.

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