Monday, March 03, 2008

flavor of disease

So I was watching Flavor of Love 3 earlier today...

A couple of the girls went to Flav because they were concerned about this spot on this one cast member's (Hotlanta, I believe) mouth. So Hotlanta goes to Flav to explain that she does not have herpes. Flav, because he's so grossed out by the idea of any of his hos having the herps, decides to call in his doctor friend to do a test on the spot.

After the testing is performed, the doctor sends the results directly to Flav, who reads them aloud at that night's clock (elimination) ceremony. Poor Hotlanta only had a pimple, everyone got freaked out over nothing, and she got her clock and was allowed to stay in the house another week because she didn't have the herps.*

Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was, "I'm pretty sure that giving the results directly to Flav violates HIPAA in some way."

That should not be the first thought I have to anything that goes on on FoL3. I should be wondering why Flav is so grossed out by the herps when it's probable that there's airborne gonorrhea in that house. Or I should be wondering how Flav himself doesn't happen to have a case of herpes. No, instead I'm sitting here wondering if these skanks signed some sort of release form allowing Flav to have access to all of their medical records (or allowing any test results to be read on-air), or signed some sort of affidavit saying that they don't have any STDs.

It's times like these I really hate what law school has done to my brain. At this point, the only show that doesn't make me think of something school related is Maury Povich - even though those paternity test and fat baby episodes come awfully close to the family law line. But I can't help watching Maury, because those episodes where he plays chick-or-dude are the best.

*I was actually rooting for Hotlanta to tell Flav that no, she did not know what time it was, and would not accept her clock, simply because he didn't trust her when she said she didn't have herpes. Then again, doing that would mean that her fifteen minutes of "fame" were over.



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