Saturday, December 17, 2005

silver-white winters that melt into spring

There's a good reason why "Civ Pro" or "Law School" aren't mentioned in the song "My Favorite Things".

ABC is showing The Sound of Music tonight, and those who know me well know that this is my all-time favorite movie. (Mostly because I used to run around when I was as close to a munchkin I ever got and pretended that I was Maria.) Therefore I can't turn the TV off and stop watching. I spent a week in Salzburg in undergrad because I loved this movie so much, and since there's only two days of touristy stuff to do in Salzburg, I spent the rest of the week (a) sitting around, and (b) looking for every location used in this movie - and I'm proud to say that I've found most of them. So now, when I watch this movie, I'm reminded of the most relaxing week of my life (except the part where I still had the food poisoning I contracted in Vienna).

And TSOM is relevant to Civ Pro. One day in class, Prof. Clauss mentioned Bremerhaven, Germany. Since I'm a huge dork, my mind immediately did one of these: "Bremerhaven, Germany?!?! Why, Self, that's where Captain von Trapp was to meet the rest of the Naval forces of the Third Reich before he ran off with Maria and the kids!" (This is why my mind is a dangerous place.)

Since making songs out of all of my law school subjects a few days before the exams has seemingly brought me the tune of "Maria" from TSOM...

How do you file a claim in federal court?
How can you be sure you meet the criteria?
How do you file a claim in federal court?

A federal law
75 grand

Many a thing you know you need to disclose
Many a fact to state in the complaint
But how do you pull lawyer’s tricks
And not get 12(b)(6)ed?
What if your chance of winning is only faint?
Oh how do you file a claim in federal court?
How do you avoid a summary judgment?

Send help. Please.


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