Friday, December 16, 2005

hail to the chief of staff...

I know I haven't watched since the show was moved from Wednesday to Sunday nights ("The Simpsons" takes precedence over all other shows), but I can't imagine "The West Wing" without Leo McGarry...

And in "it's about freakin' time already" news, anyone who didn't see this coming when they got married three years ago (or when she confused buffalo wings for actual buffalo meat) needs to have their heads removed from their sphincters. Yesterday. My guess is that the people who thought Nick and Jessica were going to work through their separation and be together forever are the same people who actually believed that we were going into Iraq because of a WMD threat.

As a bit of an aside, is "irreconcilable differences" just code for "we got married when we were too young/stupid/immature to understand the consequences of what we were actually getting ourselves into"? Or is it more like code for "I've never had anyone love me for six months in a row, so I might as well make it forever...or at least until something better comes along."?


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