Tuesday, December 13, 2005

and i guess that was your contracts book in the wood chipper?

I don't know how I'm going to come up with subject lines, now that I don't have to take Contracts anymore and it's not ruining every aspect of my life.

So...where to begin...I had enough presence of mind while I was lying in bed wide awake sometime after 1:00 this morning to set a second alarm clock for some time around the time for which I set the other one - not sure what time the original alarm is supposed to go off because the clock is 10-15 minutes fast, and the clock on the alarm I'm setting is also a few minutes fast and not exactly reliable as an alarm. At any rate, I wake up 2-3 times during the night and poke my head out of my pillow pile to see the clock, then immediately retreat back into the pillows.

Next thing I know, Alarm #2 is waking me up. I hit the snooze and decide to go back to sleep. Then I think about it for a second, and decide to look at the original alarm. Turns out, I had already woken up, turned the other alarm off, and gone back to sleep - and DIDN'T REMEMBER IT. So Alarm #2 basically saved my exam-taking this morning.*

I get to school about when I said I was going to get there, and was greeted by two grinning classmates who had been calling me, since they had been charged with calling me if I wasn't in the room by 8:20. It's nice to know that people care, y'know?

Anyway, the exam went rather smoothly...as in, I didn't feel like I got slapped by the exam. I didn't feel like I couldn't explain myself relatively well. And I don't actually think I did too terribly bad, considering I was running on only six hours of sleep and no Starbucks. I feel very confident that I got at least a C on the exam, which is more than I expected a week ago. In fact, I don't think a B- is out of the question.

And that's a bad feeling...why, you ask? Well, because that means that I left it all on the exam and didn't have more to say. And that means that there has to be something that I didn't consider; something that I forgot to write down; something that I just completely dismissed as irrelevant. I mean, I was the one actually sitting there with the textbook re-reading stuff and looking for cases and essays to bring into the answers...I was the one who only wrote one blue book for two essays when everyone else in the class used at least two. {insert panic here} And I still finished five minutes early - including the time during which I went back and inserted more information into my essays!

But at least the crew got together, shared some swigs from Sperling's bottle of Tennessee's finest before we even closed our lockers, and went to Brats for some snackage - under the agreement that NO ONE would talk about the exam. So all of my exam talking is going right here. I know you appreciate it.

I have to study for Torts and Civ Pro now. But I really don't want to. Miss Tyra just convinced some chick to stop doing porn, and Gilmore Girls is about to come on. Plus, I have to psyche myself up for the season finale of Amazing Race and an ALL NEW BOSTON LEGAL tonight. Why curb the procrastination - it's obviously working for me...

*And I even remembered to grab my copy of the Uniform Commercial Code and Restatement (Second) of Contracts out from under my pillow.**
**Yes, I slept on top of my UCC/Restatement in order to try and learn through osmosis. Early indications are that it worked, but we'll see once January rolls around.


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