Thursday, December 08, 2005

i'm ready for my contracts, mr. demille

Okay, maybe so much ready for my Contracts exam as I am ready to start panicking about my Contracts exam.

I went and studied some old exams for which I don't have answers today - that really doesn't help, since we all sit there and talk through an answer and reach a conclusion that, for all we know, is wrong. I mean, it's great that the law school puts old exams on the website, but it would be a bigger help to give us the answers so that we kind of have an idea that we're completely lost and therefore going to fail miserably.

And I broke a nail in the middle of the study session, further proving that Contracts is pure evil.

I should probably get back to work, but I'm too busy celebrating the fact that the Cubs finally went out and picked up a player we can actually use. Granted, the fact that the Cubs signed him means that Juan Pierre will end up out for the season somewhere around mid-May...but whatever. For a few weeks, we'll have a player that is about as good as Corey Patterson was supposed to be when he was drafted. And maybe, just maybe, this'll put the Cubbies in a good position to win the World Series around, oh, 2008.

I should probably get back to work now, since CSI and ER are both new tonight and I'm going to have to stop working long enough to watch both of those shows. Yes, my priorities are in order. Stop asking me that.


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