Friday, December 09, 2005

why i'm suing madison metro bus

So my car is finally done at the body shop after the accident I was in about a month ago... and fortunately for me, the body shop is on the bus line. So I wake up relatively early (9:30) and get to the bus to schlep over there to get my car, because I'd rather do that then study for Contracts.

I realize shortly into the bus ride that this bus driver may be the biggest 'tard I've ever seen. You pull the little thing that signals "stop requested", it dings, and she doesn't stop until you yell at her to stop the bus because your stop was a block back thattaway. So I know that, when my stop is coming up, I gotta jump up about 100 feet early so that she knows that I'm getting off the bus.

It's snowy out, so people have been tracking snow onto the bus. Snow that melts on the nice, warm bus.

And there's a stop light right before my stop.

I think you know where I'm going with this one.

She hits the gas right after I start trying to stand up and grab the handles above me, and I slip on the puddles of water on the bus and go flying. Like, my legs do a sort of windmill action à la Scooby Doo, and I go up in the air and fly backwards. My hip has a nice bruise where I landed on the seats...and the knee of the poor dude that was next to me.

I'm pretty sure that this is negligence, but I'm not 100% sure how. I'd do the Hand formula, but that requires that I sit here and think for a few minutes. And the only thing I want to think about right now is television.

(Side note: I'm watching "General Hospital" right now, and it's on commercial, and some commercial for a new TV show starting Heather Graham comes on. Why are they giving Heather Graham a show? It's not like the star power of Freddie Prinze, Jr. garnered any ratings.)


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