Tuesday, December 13, 2005

more contracts fun

I'm pretty sure that the people at the FOX affiliate in Madison didn't get the memo that there is no talking about Contracts now the Contracts exam is over. Because I'm watching "The Simpsons", and both episodes have been about Contracts. Actually, the episode of "Gilmore Girls" I caught on ABC Family was about Contracts too.

This is probably why I shouldn't be watching TV, but TV was here before law school. Therefore law school needs to go away. Or, at least, TV needs to stop talking about it.

That logic totally made sense in my head.

And now for a conversation that half-took place between Dan and I this afternoon. The part where I sound witty is all Dan's embellishment...'cause I'm pretty lame:

D: The ceremonial dropkicking of the UCC into Lake Mendota
G: I would prefer to burn mine
D: As a Jew, I am clearly against burning of books. Dropkicking is okay, though.
G: You wrote your 5 digit exam number down your arm today in bold, nonerasasble ink. You are estopped from using the 'I'm Jewish' defense

And I'm still upset that no one went sledding down Bascom Mall after class.


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