Tuesday, July 18, 2006

no intelligent thoughts allowed

It's pretty sad when the only two things on my mind right now are:

(1) Trying to figure out how to sleep without waking up at least twice during the night


(2) Going to see Clerks II this weekend.

(Actually, the whole 'panicking about trying to find a job for next summer' thing is on my mind as well, but the above two thoughts are doing their best to push that thought out of my brain - why should I bother worrying about getting a job next summer when my grades are so bad and I'm so unhireable that I'll end up working in a clinic* anyway?)

(And side note - the two quote quizzes below have finally been updated with the rest of the right answers.)

*You're right - I'd actually get rejected for a clinic again. I meant "working on my spanish speaking skills at Wal-Mart".



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