Sunday, September 24, 2006

maybe my tuition should pay for a school manicurist

I've been known to get bored in class on occasion, and find all sorts of other activities to pass the time - Solitaire, Cubs games, PerezHilton, Instant Messenger, whathaveyou...

But I've never, ever been so bored that I felt the need to clip my nails in class.

I mean, I'm all for personal hygiene - and there are some people out there with funky nails that are in desperate need of a mani/pedi. But to sit in a lecture hall and not only clip your nails, but leave the clippings for the person in the next class to find? Disgusting.

(The sad part is that the clippings were so large that my neighbor, who found the clippings, couldn't tell if they were fingernails or toenails.)

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At 8:11 PM, Blogger Joint Tortfeasor said...

Where did you go? I know you are around here somewhere!? Surely you didn't let schoolwork get ahead of your blogging, did you? Report to the principal's office immediately


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