Wednesday, September 13, 2006

no, seriously, you want me to do what???

I'm currently putting off completing the worksheet that I have to complete for Professional Responsibilities tomorrow.

Yes, I'm in law school.

Yes, we have weekly worksheets for PR.

Yes, these are actually graded - as in, 15% of our grade. I mean, seriously - the worksheets we had to do in my high school Spanish class weren't even graded. The SeƱorita just walked by and checked off that they were completed. And they didn't have to be completed correctly - honestly, those of us on the right side of the classroom were writing in random Spanish words as she checked off the worksheets for the losers on the left side of the classroom who actually had to complete their work before coming to class simply because they sat on the wrong side of the classroom. Ha. Losers.*

Come to think of it, they're really 25% of our grade, because we have to discuss the worksheets in class...and class participation is 10% of our grade. Class participation?! I show up and manage to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide without dying of boredom - isn't that enough? Can't I just read E! Online in peace?!

But back to this stupid graded worksheet for PR that's totally supposed to be the same thing that we would actually do if we were actually in the real world with real clients with real ethical dilemmas and we had no one at our firm we could talk to about this until after the worksheet was completed incident ended - just the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. And maybe some common sense - I don't know if that's allowed under the Rules. (Makes note to check for anything allowing common sense under the Rules.) This worksheet...totally not worth pressing "Pause" on the DVD player and stopping "The Office" Season Two while I work on it.

Besides, if these rules don't include the Model Rules of Target Cashier Conduct, I don't need to know 'em. Ever.

*I just realized that this happened in 1995. Which means that it's been 11 years since I was a freshman in high school. I suddenly feel very old. And very sad.



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