Wednesday, September 06, 2006

in memoriam

I'd like to ask all of my readers out there to take a minute to bow their heads in silent prayer (to whichever entity you decide is prayer-worthy...yes, this includes praying to David Beckham).

Today, I mourn the passing of the last piece of my soul, which passed away at approximately 11:45 this morning when I broke my eight month long boycott of the law library, and decided to sit in said library and study.

This piece of my soul was preceded in death by every other bit of my soul. Services will be held tomorrow afternoon, to be followed by a ceremonial scattering of my soul's ashes on the lake.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the Compensation for the Money that the Law School Bookstore Stiffed Me When They Refused to Refund What I Paid for the Books for the Class That Got Cancelled Yesterday Fund will be appreciated.



At 8:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good thing you didn't make law review, your soul would have died days ago...then it would have been reborn, only to be killed again and again and again...


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