Tuesday, October 17, 2006

wait 'til next year

It's the best time of year for a Cubs fan - the time where we start telling ourselves that it can't get any worse than it was this past season.

And, in a move that makes me want to cry, the Cubs go out and sign manager Lou Piniella to a three-year contract. (My guess is that Joe Girardi, my personal choice for the position, has too much of a brain and not enough flash for the Cubs.)

Now, ESPN and ESPN.com are overloaded with spec about whether the Cubs will try to trade for Alex Rodriguez, who played under Piniella in Seattle for several seasons. What will happen next?

(a) Cubs trade Kerry Wood and Mark Prior to the Yankees for Rodriguez - because Carl Pavano needs company while he spends the season on the DL.

(b) Cubs get A-Rod to play shortstop, and the Cubs miraculously end up winning the World Series within the next three years.

(c) Cubs don't get A-Rod, and continue to suck until the world ends in 2012.

(d) Cubs get A-Rod, make it to the World Series, and lose in Game 7 after an A-Rod error - proving once and for all that (a) A-Rod is a bigger choker in big-game situations than Peyton Manning and Scott Norwood combined, and (b) God enjoys messing with Cubs fans. A lot.

(e) Cubs don't get A-Rod, make it to the World Series, and lose after both Prior and Wood spontaneously combust before Game 1, forcing Ryan Dempster into the starting rotation.

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