Tuesday, November 07, 2006

election day, part deux

You know, voting for governor just isn't that exciting when you don't have Kinky Friedman as one of your candidates.

This was my first time voting in Wisconsin. I should've known when they let me register at the polls that I was in for a real treat. The ballots are only a slight step above scan-tron cards (okay, they essentially ARE scan-tron cards), and I got to play a sweet game of "Connect the Arrow", all the while hoping that the person at the DMV-style table next to me didn't peek around the curtain and cheat off my sheet. At least in Virginia (you know, a "backwards" southern state), we had booths with levers and automated switches to flip...and the 360-degree curtain simulated voting in the shower.

When I finished voting this morning and put my ballot in the scan-tron reader (I was Voter #617), there was no "I Voted!" sticker waiting for me. NO STICKER. I got off my couch and walked five blocks to my polling place, and I didn't even get a sticker for my trouble? What kind of Communist state is this????

So I had to ease my no-sticker sorrows by going to Target and picking up Season One of 90210 - complete with FREE SOUNDTRACK - including the musical stylings of Color Me Badd. So now I can re-live high school at home, instead of just at law school.



At 4:02 PM, Blogger dr. gold said...

yeah! my friend had to pick up an extra sticker for her dad since he wasn't given one. what's the world coming to?


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