Monday, November 06, 2006

my own private gitmo

When I came to law school, I thought I wanted to do international law. That being the end goal, I decided to take International Law. Then I discovered that it's one of the ten most boring classes of all time*. (Oddly enough, someone in Career Services told me about halfway through the semester that everyone hates International Law. Gee, Career Services, thanks for not giving me some advice that I could actually use. But I digress...)

At any rate, I spend most of this class doing a variety of things online (Deadspin, Perezzers, IM, Myspace, TWoP, Solitaire, etc.), because an hour and twenty minutes of International Law time is roughly equivalent to 17.5 human years.

I (mistakenly) decide to go to class today, and we're having some sort of mock argument for our international jurisdiction case. The professor, acting as head of the tribunal, decides to go sit in the peanut gallery for better observation of the student "agents". And where does the professor sit?

That's right. Next to me.

So I had to pretend to pay attention for an hour and twenty minutes straight. And about twenty minutes into the world's most repetitive oral arguments, the idea of sticking my pen into my jugular seemed like a good idea.

*Of course, being a first-semester 2L, I've only taken 13 classes. And all of them are one of the ten most boring classes of all time. Wrap your head around that math.

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