Tuesday, October 24, 2006

it may be time to rethink my relationship with Starbucks

The story starts about six months ago, on my road trip east. At some point on I-80 in northern Pennsylvania, I noticed a deep ridge in one of my molars. I didn't think anything of it, though, because it didn't hurt.

Sunday, as I'm enjoying some granola for breakfast, I chomp down on what seems to be a walnut shell. Again, I didn' t think anything of it until Sunday night, the aforementioned ridged molar starts to hurt.

This morning, I go to the dentist and discover that the "deep ridge" in my molar is actually a fracture.

This afternoon, I get my cup of coffee to enjoy during my one class o'the day. And it hurts - bad. Real bad. As in, I almost started crying in Con Law because the coffee hurt my tooth so badly.

The worst part of all this is that I just got $45 worth of Starbucks gift cards for my birthday last week. So I either spend all of that on delicious M&M cookies (because I'm guessing the cold Frappuccino won't be much better on the tooth), or I wait until the whole tooth ordeal is over (read: I get either a filling or a root canal).

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At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having had a tooth fracture, let me share some wisdom from experience. They will recommend a root canal which makes sense because a filling won't help for a crack. You may go for this option and blow a few thousand on a root canal and crown. Four years later it will be repeatedly painfully infected and you'll need to have it pulled anyway. Or you may take the option of ignoring it and it will become infected down the road. Painfully infected at a bad time such as your honeymoon. Or you can just do what you'll end up having to do anyway now. Have them remove it and put an implant in. It costs less in the long run. From my experience, cracked tooth equals bone loss in the jaw equals more money down the road out of your pocket.


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