Wednesday, November 15, 2006

you know you did it, just admit it

Sometimes, I'm really glad that God invented the FOX network. And I got really excited during "House" last night when I saw the promos for their latest "event".

Starting Monday, November 27th, FOX will be airing a two-part interview with O.J. Simpson entitled "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened" - no doubt to promote his upcoming book with a similar title.

(If??? Seriously, dude...IF?!?! I mean, I know, "jury of your peers" and all that...but they had to acquit because Chewbacca is an eight-foot-tall Wookie living on Endor with a bunch of Ewoks.)

It makes sense, though, that describing a "completely different" way in which he would've cut 'n' run (in gruesome detail, of course) would put to rest any and all speculation that he really did it the first time around. I mean, there's no way that a person could come up with more than one way to slit the throats of his wife and her boy toy du jour.

Hold on... I rolled my eyes so hard that one of them popped out of my skull... ahh, there we go. Moving on...

There's some sort of delicious irony in the fact that the Wednesday night chapter of this interview airs immediately after "Bones" - a show about a forensic anthropologist that works with mutilated corpses to solve crimes after the CSIs are unable to find the real killer. Just sayin'.



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