Thursday, March 22, 2007


I'd like to know who the genius was that decided that UW's spring break this year would be scheduled for the first week of April. (For those of you doing the math, that's after Week 10 of the semester...leaving us (law students, at least) with 3.5 weeks of class before exams.) I want to find that person, and I want to stab that person in the jaw.

Because I realized today that I'm crabbier than usual. I've started snapping at almost every person I come in contact with (instead of just saying the nasty comments inside my head). The dark spots under my eyes have become darker and circley-er. I'm tired all the time - despite the fact that I sleep nearly 12 hours a night thanks to my friend, Mr. Over-The-Counter, No-Prescription-Needed Sleeping Pill. And, well, my gnat-like attention span has decreased dramatically over the last two weeks.

And then I sat down, thought about it, and came to a conclusion: I need a vacation. Preferably last week. Which...if the UW calendar-creator wasn't completely demented (or didn't have a death wish), it probably would've been.

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