Friday, March 02, 2007

i'll take "things i'd never thought i'd hear myself say" for $400, alex

As the snow continues to fall here in good old Mad City, I've started to come to a realization.

I want to move to Texas.

Why would anyone that has spent their whole life living dreaming of living in the northeast (or Chicago) ever even remotely consider moving to the Lone Star State?

Well...yeah, okay, my parents live there. More importantly, I'd like to think I could move back in with my parents and live relatively cheaply while I try to pay off my $160,000 in loans on a $35,000/year salary. And since on that salary I couldn't afford my Cubs games, I may as well be as far away as I can get to avoid the temptation of enjoying a sunny Saturday at Wrigley.

It's warm there most of the year. Today, my mother sent me yet another "hey, guess what - I got sunburned this week!" message - just her way of letting me know that she thinks it's hilarious that I'm stuck under a foot of snow loves me. Apparently.

And since I haven't mentioned it in a while...decent Mexican food. Edible Mexican food. Mexican food that was cooked by Mexicans that came across the border illegally a week ago - not a year ago. (And yes - only 27 days until I go to Texas for spring break, and Mexican food will be the first thing I eat after my grandparents go back to New York.)

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