Friday, February 23, 2007

virtually impatient

The last Friday in February is notable for only one thing: being the day on which Chicago Cubs single-game tickets go on sale. Unfortunately, this also means the return of the Cubs Online Ticketing System, complete with Virtual Waiting Room.

After last year's debacle, which ended with me not getting the tickets I wanted, I was quite a bit more wary this year. Mostly because this year, I actually had games that I planned on going to with people...not just by myself. The great thing about the Cubs is that they tend to sell out every summer weekend for groups of more than 2 by the end of, well, the first weekend on which tickets go on sale, so the VWR is essentially unavoidable for a large group on, say, Labor Day Weekend.

So I dutifully get online around 9:30 this morning to mark my place in the non-existent line, hoping to get in soon enough to get my tickets. As I was browsing the internet to pass the time, I discovered that most people that were getting tickets had, like, 30 browser windows open - so me with the piddly 2 windows I'd had open for about an hour and a half at that point just wasn't going to work. So I decide that, if I couldn't beat the cheaters, I should join them.*

Lo and behold, the "Select Tickets" screen popped up...about 50 minutes later. The problem, unfortunately, was that having so many windows open caused my internet to freeze up. So I have to reboot and re-start the process all over again, this time with fewer windows.

"Select Tickets" screen pops up another 20 minutes later; internet freezes again.

This happens twice more before I decide that just having a wireless connection probably isn't going to help - that maybe having the ethernet cables would keep the wireless from timing out. I reboot once more, and within 10 minutes, I have two "Select Tickets" screens...and 10 minutes later, I have 2 sets of tickets - one for my law school friends in April, and one for my family in September.

Play ball!

*Yep, that's me with 20 browser windows open, all trying to get past the Virtual Bouncer at the door of the Virtual Waiting Room. I'd like to point out that, this year, the Cubs made it so that you couldn't open multiple VWRs in multiple browser windows. What they failed to account for was the fact that you can open multiple pages in different tabs in both Firefox and IE. So, thanks guys. I mean...oops?

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At 8:28 AM, Blogger pseudostoops said...

You and my husband spent the day the exact same way- he just wasn't clever enough to take screen shots to prove it. But hey! Tickets! Tickets are good!


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