Wednesday, March 21, 2007

swallow first, then answer question

Our Prosecution class is ridiculously early in the morning. (Granted, I think anything before 1pm is "ridiculously early", but I digress.) Since it's so early, it's not uncommon for students to bring breakfast to class. Yesterday, though, one of the students in class actually took a bite of their breakfast, then proceeded to volunteer an answer to a question - complete with a mouth full of food.

Cut to this afternoon - this same person is in my Evidence class.

(Quick sidebar: in my experience, most people don't volunteer to answer questions without having an answer - in fact, most people that know (or have a good idea about) the answer choose not to respond.)

This particular person, so eager for those three participation points that probably aren't going to factor into our grades at all, volunteers to answer a question. Then, after the professor acknowledges this student (rather than the four others that also raised their hands), the student starts flipping through the textbook looking for the correct answer. (I can only compare this to the show "Jeopardy!", when people are trying so hard to get their buzzer to work that they ring in before actually figuring out the correct question.)

It's not like this particular person never gets a chance to speak in either class. Rather, this person volunteers answers on a regular (read: constant) basis. I'm thinking that the over-eagerness bit, though, has started to cross the border into "kind of sad and just a little bit pathetic" territory.

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