Sunday, December 18, 2005

confucius say, "you need help"

The fortune cookie that I had at lunch today contained the fortune, "Be patient, you will hear comforting news". So we debated for a second what that comforting news would be.

My friend's answer: "You will find a summer job and all will work out."

My answer: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The local time is now 4:45pm. The weather here in Austin is 58 degrees and sunny, with light winds from the southwest. For those of you continuing on your journey, please have a safe trip. For those of you for whom this is the final destination, welcome home. On behalf of the captain and crew on American Airlines Flight (whatever flight I'm taking from the Lou), I'd like to thank you for selecting American Airlines, and we hope that the next time you're flying, you choose us. Enjoy your stay in Austin, and have a Happy Holidays."

Yes, I totally went through that entire speech when this actually happened. I'm not embellishing to make myself sound awesome.


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