Monday, December 19, 2005

how many things are wrong with the following statement?

I'm watching the Tyra Banks Show, and Tyra Claus brought the guy who helped her pick out stuff at Best Buy on the show. She asked if he could rap, and he said he could help her wrap her gifts, but he couldn't rap like Diddy.

And so he comes on the show and does some stupid rap about workin' at BB and being on Tyra's show and all...and that his Christmas gift to all of us is a booty shake. Oh, and he actually used the word "fierce" to describe his blue BB shirt.

Since my computer is in my lap and my remote control is all the way over there -->
(five feet away at the other end of the couch), I decided to blog about the horror instead of getting the remote and changing the channel.

I have reached a new low.


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