Friday, June 02, 2006

dangerous mind the greek?

So the grades for my three main classes will be released tomorrow (not including LR&W, apparently, because it takes ten weeks for people who aren't qualified to teach us writing to tell us that we aren't qualified to write either).

Since I've already had the mild heart attack that comes with the "These grades will be posted" e-mail, I decided to curb my panicking by setting some odds for where I'll end up - you know, so that I'll be prepared when the inevitable happens. It makes sense, trust me.

If the grades all get curved around a 3.0... and taking into account the fact that:

--I took less than 20 total pages of notes over the course of the semester in each class.
--I spent most (okay, all) of Bernie's and Professor Death Eater's classes on the internet.
--I studied less than 10 hours for each exam.
--Two of those hours were spent tabbing the textbooks and outlines for each class.
--I only finished one exam (the Civ Pro exam that no one else finished).
--Three of the ten questions on the Death Eater's exam were answered with stream-of-consciousness outlines.
--I had bird flu for two months.

I'm going to say that my semester GPA will be a 2.3, +/- 0.3 points. You're more than welcome to wager, but the house always wins - and this house will use your wagers to pay for the credits for her summer internship.

UPDATE: It's outside of the 0.3 range, but not by much. It's enough to make me say "I'm barely in the top 75% of my class...I should just quit while I'm only 80 grand in the hole instead of wasting money on an education that I'm never going to be qualified to use."

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