Friday, May 26, 2006

why i'm not making law review

I realized last night that I never included the mandatory "cover sheet" with the application that I had to rush to get in the mail on Monday. See, I was busy with packing to come east/driving east/spending time in NY with friends/driving south/finishing the case note/finishing the "diversity" statement that I overlooked the line on the instruction sheet that says that I had to include a cover sheet with my name/address/e-mail.

All that work...and I submit an effing incomplete application. I violated my number one rule - if you can't read and follow directions, you are too stupid to be in law school. Good job, Self.

So now I've gotta put 150% effort into this International Law Journal application, since I have absolutely no chance of making Law Review. And I have about two hours to finish it, since I have to drive through rush-hour traffic to get to the wedding rehearsal tonight.

I quit.



At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a few envelopes in the drop box that had the "cover sheet" handwritten on the outside. They didn't read the directions either.

Don't give up.


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