Thursday, July 20, 2006

my trip to walgreens, and other musings

I hit the Wal on the Square this morning to procure a Diet Coke before work. (I don't know why I reasoned that this would be better than Starbucks - probably a lack of sleep from the storms last night - just go with it.) While staring off into space waiting for the honor students running the register to get the line moving, I noticed that they are already selling bags of Halloween candy.

In July.

I mean, not just Fun Size candy bars. But the actual giant "Halloween-sized" bags of Fun Size candy in the orange and black Halloween-themed displays with spiderwebs printed all over them. When did it the commercialism monster start eating holidays other than Christmas (and Valentine's, and Easter, and St. Patty's, and Arbor Day... And why can't it eat Guy Fawkes Day already)???

While walking out of the Wal, I caught a headline on one of the area newspapers detailing a proposal to start charging $5 a person for this fall's Halloween celebration on State Street, intending to curb the outrageous rigols and revels by charging admission and requiring tickets to walk down the street. Do they really think this will work? People (okay, kids with Daddy's money) drive to the area from miles away and consume hundreds of dollars worth of booze over the course of the weekend - do they honestly think that another 5 dollars will be more than just a drop in the bucket to people willing to pay $50 for gas just to get to the party?

I'm trying to update my résumé with info about my summer job. It's really hard to try and say "sits around all day reading E! online and" in a way that makes it sound like I actually do work.

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At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the idea is for the money they make to offset the damage and cleanup. They are also only selling a number of tickets.


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