Monday, November 27, 2006

why christmas is awesome (part 1)

After partaking in this year's Black Friday DVD sales, I realized that the Christmas season is officially here. And since I'm not going to have a Christmas tree when I get home, I decided to put up my Christmas tree here (in lieu of starting my outlines...erm...adding a few things to the oulines I downloaded from the SBA website):

Yeah, Christmas decorations are tacky, but they're delightfully tacky. Cheesy ornaments and flashy lights are really fun. One of my last memories of Christmas in Richmond is being in Target and overhearing a woman telling her young daughter that whatever ornaments they select for the tree should be part of an overarching "theme" - since when is "Christmas Fun!" not an appropriate theme for trees? Why must trees have only blue ornaments, or only be decorated in angels, or be this blinding white-only monstrosity? Whatever happened to the days of heirloom ornaments and things that the kiddies made in class? Besides, tacky ornaments and colorful lights helped make Charlie Brown's tree come to life. (Or maybe it's just southerners pretending to be old-money southerners who insist upon perfectly-themed Christmas trees to make themselves seem more cultured than their "No, Really, the Civil War Isn't Over" roots.)

At any rate, what better way to get me through the endless sewage drainpipe that is exam season than to have a bright shiny Christmas tree to brighten my day?

(Side note: having a digital camera would be awesome, because the picture quality from my cell phone is obviously crap.)



At 4:47 PM, Blogger Kirsten said...

Oh, I sooooo concur! Those people who think there is a difference between an "elegant tree" and an ordinary one clearly forgot the spirit of Christmas at a tragically young age. I mean, how can one look upon a brightly colored, haphazardly ornamented tree and not feel a little tiny bit of the excitement and childlike awe that christmas trees bring?


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