Tuesday, March 25, 2008

passive-agressive professors, and the students that love them

At the beginning of the semester, my Contracts II professor (I know, I know...) told the class that there would be no seating chart, and she wanted the students to make nametags for their seats. As in, the students were responsible for finding their own piece of paper and their own marker to make a sign legible enough for her to read from twenty feet away.

I have refused for eight weeks now to make a sign, mostly because if nametag-making is going to be "required" for a class, then it should be the responsibility of the requiror (the professor) to provide paper on the University's dime. I mean, we're all starving students, and the only thing that I can tell my $30K/year tuition has gone for is making a giant pile of gold coinage in the basement of the library for the Dean to swim around in, Scrooge McDuck-style. I think a few sheets of paper can be spared.

Lately, my professor has been making snarky comments at the beginning of class about the lack of nametags. Crap like, "I see this side of the room is going incognito today..."

Today, it was "I see you all think that I spent all of Spring Break memorizing your pictures."

And, predictably, the flock of 1L sheep in the class chuckle at this. Meanwhile, I sit back and refuse to create my own nametag until nametag-making supplies are provided for me. I mean, if it's enough of a problem for the professor to keep making comments about it class after class after class, that she'd just bite the bullet and bring in 50 sheets of paper and a Sharpie from the Copy Shop downstairs.

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At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Silly Little Law Student said...

The Silly Little Law School provides card-stock "table tents" with our last names on them. Only the 1Ls put them up in class.... unless a professor requires it. And even then... most of us won't. My Biz Orgs Prof tried to tell us that he wouldn't cold call people who voluntarily participated or put up their name cards in front of their laptops. It still didn't work.


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