Tuesday, November 28, 2006

why christmas is awesome (part 2)

I look forward to one thing every Christmas. I know what you're thinking - no, it's not the month-long break from the evil forces of law school - but that's a close second.

I'm talking about "A Charlie Brown Christmas" - and this year, I totally TiVoed it so that I can watch it multiple times between now and the end of the holiday season.

I'm not sure if it's the kitschy awesomeness or the fact that it reminds me of being a little kid watching Christmas specials on TV every year that makes this special better (for me) than, say, Rudolph, Frosty, or the Garfield Christmas Special. Or maybe it's the fact that I can totally identify with Charlie Brown - someone with good intentions that never quite gets things right.

Plus, strewn amongst the endless modern specials and re-makes and bad sequels and rip-offs of "Home Alone", it's nice to see one Christmas special that still gets it. It's just a shame that we need a 41-year-old TV special to remind us that there's more to Christmas than tackling people at Best Buy in hopes of getting the last PlayStation 3 - to remind us that all we really need is to be surrounded by love, just like that poor little tree.

(As an aside, it may be just a little bit sad that the only Bible verse I know is the one that Linus recites at the end of the show.)



At 2:40 AM, Anonymous bizzle said...

I totally put that DVD on my Amazon wishlist! along with some Disney classics ...


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