Sunday, December 10, 2006

super-fabulous con law study time

The best part of studying has to be the part where you go through your class notes and read all the ridiculousness that you put there. A few exerpts:

"Art. I ยง9 lists several things that the Cubs cannot do." - Three guesses as to what was occupying the other half of my computer screen that day, and the first two don't count.

"The court is made up of a bunch of old fogeys with colostomy bags and walkers that are really just craving some cottage cheese and reminiscing about Steve Allen." - Now that I think about it, I doubt that the cottage cheese thing is true for every Justice.

"Philadelphia v. New Jersey - why the fuck Philly gotta (a) make so much trash, and (b) send it all to New Jersey? New Jersey lost, because it *is* America's trash heap." - The court can say whatever it wants - we all know this was the real reason for the outcome.

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