Wednesday, December 05, 2007

the common-sense train has left the station

So yesterday I decided that it would be a good idea for me to dig my car out of the ice before the next batch of snow fell.

After chipping away at the four inch-deep pile of ice/snow that surrounded my tires, it was time to tackle the windows. And where was my ice scraper?

Stupidly, I put it in the trunk. When I opened the trunk, the scraper was wedged in the very back of the trunk up against the back seat.

Now, the smart person in this situation would just go into the backseat, pull the seat down, and retreive the scraper.

Instead, I just lean really far into the trunk to get the scraper. My trunk lid could not stay up because of the ice. So the lid kept falling down on my lower back as my legs came off the ground, causing me to pitch forward even further. Today, I have a bruise so painful that it hurts to walk or sit.

Thus concludes the story of how I tried to lock myself in the trunk of my own car. (I know; good story.)

Meanwhile, I don't know who is more excited about spending half of December and half of January in Texas - me, or my poor car.