Sunday, April 30, 2006

food for thought redux

Peanut butter toast for dessert is highly unsatisfying.

I spent an hour and a half grocery shopping yesterday, and I came home with none of the following: ice cream, brownies, cake, cookies, cake mix, brownie mix, chocolate chips, Nutella, regular size candy bars, fun size candy bars, donuts.

Since I'm not planning on studying any time soon, I could drive to the store. But that means leaving the couch, and I'm dead set on watching the Simpsons and Family Guy. I could even walk to the convenience store that's a ten-minute walk down the street...but again, "leaving the couch" and "walking" and "effort".

Maybe I'll go out tomorrow. After all, it is another day that I don't plan on studying.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

what are these "exams" of which you speak?

Today, I decided to sleep until 10.

I've spent about 3.5 hours watching the NFL Draft. (Yes, I'm a chick, and I watch the Draft every year religiously.)

I spent 1.5 hours grocery shopping.

I've spent the last 30 minutes reading People magazine and watching the Cubs game. (Side note: Glendon Rusch needs to be taken out of the rotation. Yesterday. Again, I'll offer my services to fill in that spot in the rotation.)

I don't even know where my Crim book/notes are right now - even if I wanted to start studying, I couldn't.

I do, however, know were both my couch and the remote are. I believe that it would be an ethical violation to not continue to watch television at this point. AND I'm pretty sure that there's some sort of city ordinance against studying on Saturdays.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

my uppance hath come

Apparently, God felt the need to punish me for skipping the Crim Pro review session this morning so that I could go to the Cubs game.

"How so?" I hear you ask. Well...I'll tell you.

I got to the game to discover that my seat was next to the fattest guy I have ever seen. (Slight exaggeration...but he was still the heftiest guy in the stadium, easy.) So there I sat for two hours and forty-one minutes, scrunched up like a ball in my chair so that I wasn't sitting on the lap of the guy on my other side. And it's really hard to scrunch up in a ball when you have nearly three feet worth of legs to deal with.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to sprawling out on my three-plus hour bus ride home. But oh no NO! God was not yet finished with me.

I got stuck next to the girl reading Us magazine who glared at me whenever I tried to rearrange my aforementioned three feet of legs in the two feet of leg space...and in front of loudest, most irritating sorority girl ever, who felt the need to spend the entire ride on the phone...not to mention the guy with the radio blasting...or the guys who decided that "playing drum beats on notebooks in confined spaces is fun!"...and then there was the guy across the aisle from me whose fly was down for about half of the ride.

I wonder what'll happen if I blow off studying tomorrow too...

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

you know you're a great lawyer when...

You ask that your client receive "the long, slow death of the common criminal".

Granted, the other option is the death penalty, and your client is the 20th 9/11 hijacker... but still. Not something I could ever imagine asking a court to give my client.

(Side note to Moussaoui's lawyer: You're in a death penalty hearing. In Virginia. Dude. Seriously. Just give up now. You have about as much chance of getting your client life in prison as the Buffalo Bills do of ever winning a Super Bowl.)


my jihad against the SBA

Dear SBA,

I understand that you will be cleaning out my locker if I don't do it myself by May 14th. I am okay with this, as I have two weeks notice. HOWEVER, I would've appreciated SOME notice that you were going to be taking the decorations off of the front of everyone's locker. I really got a kick out of my advertisements for the Silly Party, and Prime Minster candidate Jethro Q. Walrustitty (whose main campaign promise is that he will do nothing whilst in office), and I'd like to think that the comics brought smiles to the faces of those around me.

Seriously, you couldn't have put this in one of your thousands of e-mails? You clog up my Inbox daily with e-mails telling me to send in outlines for the outline bank, stop by whatever table is taking up room in the atrium that day, take surveys that (let's be frank) don't matter at all, corrupt future 1L's by mentoring or leading small groups...why in the world would you decide to stop the barrage now? At least Carrie Bradshaw got a Post-It when Berger dumped her...

I see now that all of you are a part of the conspiracy that I fight against every day. Your goal is to make us all into the same mindless shells whose eyes cloud over with black oil; who wander the stacks of the library muttering Bluebook rules under our breath; who shapeshift into Walter Dickey any time anyone so much as mentions the Wisconsin Statutes.

In short, THANK YOU for stripping my locker (and thereby me) of my individuality, and that last glimmer of enjoyment I was able to glean from my days in the law school building.

Let the deluge begin,

P.S. I'd ask who I have to blow to get a link added to the "Student Blogs" list on the SBA website...but since I've declared jihad and all, I'm guessing that's out of the question, eh?

P.P.S. Why is Zack Morris on ABC's "Commander in Chief"? I mean, Geena Davis is bad enough, but when my brain hears Zack Morris and doesn't see "Saved by the Bell", stuff starts short-circuiting and smoke comes billowing out of my ears...not a pretty sight. Not that you have anything to do with the post-SBTB career of Mark-Paul Gosselaar; I'm really just curious here. So...thanks.

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more proof that i've lost it

You know you're awesome when you lose the VP race for a student organization to someone who didn't even show up to the meeting, but sent a "statement of interest".

Whatever, I still got a position on the exec board. I'm now officially a "joiner". Next thing you know, I'll be putting up a Facebook page and touring with the Dave Matthews Band (the epitome of selling out, in my opinion).

(But seriously, I'm trying to decide if I want to be "cool" and join Facebook, mostly because I need something else to distract me from studying.)

Speaking of distractions from studying, I studied a whole five hours today. Which means that I am totally justified in rewarding myself with a day trip to Chicago tomorrow to watch the Cubs game. Hey, Ruthie said that I should "take some time to relax" while studying. I'm only doing what the Supreme Commander ordered.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

if everybody else is doing it, why can't i?

I've decided what I'm going to do when this whole "law school" thing fails to pan out for me.

I'm going to be the fifth starter for the Cubs. I figure I can't do any worse than the rotating band of minor league talent that they have now.

Side note: why am I in class today? It's nice out, and it's the last day of class. I should've listened to KP when she told me to skip class. I'm not learning anything here - my professor is so drunk that he's actually slurring today. Even if I was paying attention, I wouldn't be able to understand a thing he's saying.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

it's better to be "done" than "good"

Or so I told myself fifteen minutes ago when I printed out my last assignment for the semester. Does it suck? Absolutely. Will I get a grade above a B? Absolutely not. Do I care? Abso...well...sort of. But it's done. And now I can worry about "studying" [cough] for exams.

"This final will be completely open iPod." ~Civ Pro professor, on allowing students to listen to music to drown out the clickety-click of keyboards during the exam.

Meanwhile, did anyone see "American Idol" tonight? I only saw a bit, because I have to watch the complete destruction of Luke and Lorelai's relationship on "Gilmore Girls". But I will say this:

(1) Elliott is awesome, even if he does sound a bit like Clay Aiken. (And I do enjoy the Gaiken.)
(2) Who let Paula Abdul off her meds? Yes, Elliott was good. Was he tear-worthy? Not so much. The only time I've ever cried listening to music was when I got to see Bruce perform "Born to Run" live, and that's because it's Bruce and one of the Five Greatest Songs Ever Written. This is "American Idol" - the show that gave us Justin Guarini for christssake. If this week is any indication as to how this season will progress, the producers better keep the horse tranquilizers on hand next week, just in case Paula loses it.

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things that go bump in the night

My Property professor regularly stops class to tell tales of the time he lived in the Sudan/Indonesia/Zambia/Other Obscure Third-World Countries. Today, we were talking about apartment complexes that don't allow pets, and he was surprised to see that this particular complex doesn't allow reptiles. Then he proceeds to tell us the following tale:

When he lived in [insert African country name here], he had a friend with a 7-foot python. The python got loose and ended up in the sewage system, where it can live without food for 3-7 years. The condo complex sent out correspondence warning tenants that the python was there, and could come up any time...through the toilets.

Makes you wonder who's lived in your apartment for the last 7 years, doesn't it?

[Runs to store to buy lifetime supply of Depends]


Monday, April 24, 2006

mail call

Dear Dude I saw on State Street Today:

You know, when you wear your "Wanna buy a ticket to the gun show?" t-shirt, it's probably more effective if the arrows actually point to your arms instead of your ginormous man boobs.

Just a suggestion,

Dear Anyone watching VH1 on Friday night around midnight:

If you are sitting at home alone watching "Can't Get a Date" on a Friday night, that in and of itself should explain why you can't get a date. Unless you're me, and then you're only watching it because your remote was way across the room.

That's totally excusable,

Dear Fellow Law Students:

You ever look around and wish you could go back in time so that you could make different choices? Because I ask myself constantly what I did to turn an otherwise normal life into this quagmire that's completely FUBAR. And it's not just grades, or the fact that I was brought to this school simply to fill up the bottom of the curve and be an academic joke - I mean, why do I feel as out of place as Paris Hilton in a convent?

The last eight months of my life have been this ridiculous spiral of events that make me feel like I have no redeeming qualities whatsoever - as a student or as a person. Yeah, I chose this path. I tried to break out away from my shy and awkward past, took chances and sought opportunities, and tried to form relationships - all of which eventually left me feeling like dirt. Now I'm left wondering - since I don't have a flux capacitor handy, is it too late to change this course before I end up with the same bitter taste in my mouth towards my time at UW that I have towards my time in undergrad, and end up feeling like I wasted years of my life?

No wonder I prefer dead people and aliens,

Dear Readers:

Sorry for the whiny diatribe. I have a lot on my mind, and (obviously) not a lot of people around to listen. Maybe that should tell me something.

I'll stop now,

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are we there yet?

If someone adversely possesses another's property in the woods, and no one's around to see it, did it really happen? Does anyone even care?

Similarly, if a building in Indianapolis starts spewing raw sewage, would anyone even be able to tell?

I was out in the sun for 30 minutes today. I think I got sunburned. But hopefully the lost souls of all past and present law students will enjoy playing with the wiffle ball that was lost in the planter this afternoon.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

it's taken me a long time to get here, but i'm here

Carrie, I understand the point of Legal Research & Writing.

It's to attend those ridiculous "this is how you use Lexis" research classes for complete idiots. Then, after you've wasted anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of your life (depending on how long the crackdealers spend on their pitch...and how long you actually spend listening instead of Facebooking/blogging/e-mailing/looking at porn), you get points. And those points translate into Starbucks gift cards.

Because I actually showed up to last Monday's math class lesson in how billing works, I got enough points to not only put me over the required points number for one Starbucks gift card, but two.

Twice the StarCrack = Half the Crankiness. Or something like that. I'm not really sure how those proportions work (I'm a law student - I don't do math). All I know is that $20 in gift cards means free coffee for...well...a week.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

food for thought

The worst time to forget that ice cream makes you sick?

When you're standing in front of the Dairy Queen thinking, "you know, that Blizzard looks mighty tasty."

I really don't want to get out of bed just to go to Property.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

a very merry un-(half-)birthday

I realized last night that today marks the beginning of my last six months of being "under 25". I know - it's scary.

In honor of my half-birthday, I'd like to put up an early draft of this year's birthday list...mostly so that the people who know me (*cough*Mom*cough*) can start saving money to buy me things.

1. Tickets to the November 19th Packers-Patriots game - because I want to be the ONLY person in Lambeau not rooting for GB.
2. TiVo
3. Someone to come clean my apartment weekly (which may be difficult to find, since we're apparently rounding up illegal immigrants and kicking them out of the country)
4. "CSI: Miami" Seasons 1-4
5. Starbucks gift cards. Lots of them.

At this time, Counsel would also like to move for leave to amend freely over the next six months. All amendments will have taken place at least a week before my birthday.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

another viewer (reader?) poll!

Since exam time is upon us once again, I got to thinking about what's in store for yours truly over the next few weeks. Being that I spent most of the semester with (and recovering from) bird flu, I think it's safe to say that the only grades for which I will be competing are the lowest grades in my classes.

That begs the question: in lieu of a final bluebookesque (yes, that's totally a word) exam, what sort of exam would be more likely to garner me an A in my classes?

(a) Take-home essay exam, which would allow me to do the work when I do it best - at 3am whilst hopped up on caffeine and watching X-Files and Gilmore Girls DVDs
(b) Old school-style Tetris, in which I play four games (corresponding to my four classes), and get an A every time I get the Kremlin to launch at the end
(c) Dance Dance Revolution, but only if I can be pitted against K-Fed
(d) None of the above, because there's a law school conspiracy afoot preventing me from getting As

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the only reason to have a roommate

I'm currently skipping Crim class, and not for my usual "I overslept" or "I wanted to watch 'General Hospital instead" reasons. (Yes, I have been known to honestly use both of these excuses for afternoon classes.)

No, I have to sit here at home and wait for the UPS guy to come drop off Bridesmaid's Dress #2: Electric Boogaloo. Apparently, they won't leave it at the door even if I leave instructions for them to do so, and I don't have anyone here to sign for it for me. And I need the dress, like, yesterday, so that I can be sure that the alterations are done before I leave for my East Coast Extravaganza in four weeks.

The most shocking thing about this whole ordeal? I'm actually sitting here working on the final draft of the memo that's due tomorrow - and not putting it off until 8:30 tonight.

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law school executive power: derived from farcical aquatic ceremonies

I gotta get something that's been bugging me for a few days off my chest...

I've noticed that, a lot like high school, the same dozen (or so) students end up running every organization on campus. For example: Student A is vice president of three organizations, treasurer of another two orgs, a member of two more, on Moot Court, and planning on trying to write on to law review.

I'll be the first one to stand up and say "Hey, someone's gotta do it - cause I ain't gonna." I mean, frankly, being a "joiner" goes against the whole "apathy" mystique I've worked all year to build up - and I'd like to think that I've done a pretty good job of it.

But still - isn't there a point when involvement levels pass "ridiculous" and head down a long, lonely road that dead-ends at "bloody pathetic"? I mean, an employer is going to see a dozen exec board positions and organizations and likely say one of three things:

(1) If this person can be involved in this many things, the positions are probably meaningless and have attached to them no responsibility or leadership skills.
(2) This person's stretched so thin he's probably not accomplishing anything substantial for any one of these organizations (as if the organizations actually accomplish anything ANYway...)
(3) This person's only involved in so many organizations because (s)he is a giant douche, can't get laid, and needs something to occupy his/her time.

If the employer thinks something along the lines of "wow, what a variety of interests! what a go-getter! look at this person trying to change the world!", I'm going to scream. And then pray that one day, the lines-on-resume whore's uppance shall come.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the idiot's guide to on-call days

Prof: Can you tell the class what happened in this case?

Me: Umm...well...I think [reads fact statement directly out of book]. Other than that, I'm not really sure. I didn't understand most of the case, I just know that [holding of case] happened.

Prof: Mmmmkay...can you tell the class why that decision was reached?

Me: Well, I think that it had to do with Due Process, and the fact that the earlier case had nothing to do really with the present case.

Prof: Did it??? Did it really have nothing to do with this case? (Prof asks another student, who promptly explains how I am unbelievably wrong.)

Prof: So [DM], can you explain what the standard for preclusion is?

Me: Umm...well...umm...[draws blank] [sighs heavily] [reads quote directly from book] [mentally beats own head against desk].

Editor's note: I used to be smart. I swear, before I came to this place, I had at least two brain cells that rubbed together...

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one of life's most important questions

After reading this morning that our esteemed President refuses to rule out the option of nuking Iran to get at their atomic weapons arsenal, I began to wonder exactly what the ramifications of such a (poor) policy choice would be.

Assuming we bomb them in the next few months, what would be more likely to happen by Labor Day?

(a) The Cubs in first place in the NL Central
(b) Complete and total nuclear holocaust
(c) Both (a) and (b) - because it's all a part of the Curse

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Monday, April 17, 2006

mondays blow

Today, I missed not one, not two, but three (yes, three) buses: the bus to the gym, the bus home from the gym, and the bus to class. So my hour-long workout this morning became an hour-long workout plus another hour and fifteen minutes of walking up and down the streets of Madison (25 minutes of that in cute shoes that bloodied my feet on the way to class).

I am sitting in my fourth-to-last Crim class of the semester with a massive headache. And nausea. I'm trying to decide if I'm getting sick again, or if I just need food wicked bad. I hope it's not me getting sick, but the fact that I spent the entire weekend (Thursday night - Sunday night) on the couch and the fact that I was only awake for 9 hours yesterday would say otherwise.

But seriously - why do I go to Crim? It's completely useless - I can't remember the last time I actually learned anything in class...and my "not learning" has nothing to do with the fact that I watch baseball on during class. I think we've finally caught up with the point I reached in the reading a week and a half ago, which means that I *may* need to start reading again. If I feel like it. Which I don't.

And to all of the gunners who picked the day for our Crim review session - look, I understand that you want to have your weekends free. But some of us have Cubs tickets for that Friday, and unfortunately can only attend the review session if it's on a Saturday. So thanks for basically forcing me into the back end of the curve. I really appreciate it.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

need help - please send doctors and a straitjacket

I was on the phone with my parents last night and when I started seeing lots of flashing lights. Then I heard something pounding against my walls, and things in my living room were vibrating from the force of the noise outside.

My first thought: "Oh my God, I'm being abducted by aliens!"

The truth: Big, massive hailstorm, confirmed by golf ball-sized hail covering my front lawn shortly after the noise stopped.

This may be a sign that I need to get out more.

random observation #3

After watching the musicians on State Street today, I've decided that I'd like to see a band with the following instruments: a tin whistle, a cowbell, and a kazoo.

I enjoy triangles, but I think that they would get lost among the awesomeness of the tin whistle. I'd love to see some bagpipe action too, but I think that the bagpipes can stand alone. Mostly, I need more cowbell, and kazoos are awesome.

Sadly, this is the closest I'm getting to any sort of analytical thought today.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

any fool can accomplish failure

At least I didn't make it all the way to the "fiasco" stage of disastrousness. But it was touch-and-go there for a while.

Overall, though? Definitely a non-presence of success.

Oh well. At least I tried...and at least it's one less thing on the list of things to stress out about. Now I can chalk it up to a learning experience and move back to worrying about the stuff that *actually* matters.

Such as, "if this is how I'm going to be in court, maybe I shouldn't be a lawyer after all."

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

it's school, then work, and then life that just sharpens the blade

So my eyelid twitching has come back, and is ten times worse than it was the first time around.

Must be something in the air...exams, Moot Court tryouts (that I probably shouldn't have done in the first place), rewriting LR&W papers to meet my professor's liking (and make them completely useless as writing samples), still not having a summer job, my constantly-overheating computer, the bridesmaid's dress debacle...the list goes on.

I actually came home from the gym this morning and took a two hour nap, even though I had gotten a full night's sleep beforehand. That's probably *not* a good thing.

I have discovered, however, that fried food makes everything better... except for the fact that it probably wasn't the best thing for me to consume after leaving Property class with chest pains.

Excuse me while I partake in my semesterly mental breakdown.

another random observation

I hate smelling like sunscreen. I really wish I didn't have to douse myself in half a bottle of SPF 50 just to leave the house every day.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

random observation

Every course evaluation I've ever done has some sort of question regarding to rank that particular professor's ability to get you thinking about the course outside of class.

After I hastily marked my Property evaluation with a low score, I got to thinking (which is always a bad sign).

Does it count if the professor gets you to think about the course in a negative way outside of class? If so, I probably should've marked my Property evaluation with a very high score, since I've definitely spent many hours outside of class lamenting every second I spend atop of Everest listening to the Death Eater ramble on and on whilst hoping to not get openly ridiculed.

But if it only counts if I talk about the "substantive course material" outside of class like some gunner, then forget it. I have better things to talk about - like what I plan on watching on TV tonight.

two hours

That's how long ago I should've gone to bed. Blasted computer problems.

That's also how long that my Property professor (a.k.a. the death-eater) says that we should spend preparing for every hour of class. (At least, he adds.) After he said this, a wave of amusement swept over the class, since most of us only spend about 45 minutes reading the eight pages we're assigned per night.

But then I thought about it on the way home, and realized that Property homework really does take about two hours per night:

30 minutes: staring at (closed) book on floor while watching TV, mentally preparing self for the eight pages of reading that needs to be done.

2 minutes: snack break

2 minutes: flipping channels for something new to watch

1 minute: opening assignment book to figure out what pages need to be read.

15 minutes: reading and taking notes on first case

10 minutes: stopping to watch the end of the show that's on TV.

2 minutes: bathroom break

2 minutes: flipping channels again

5 minutes: deciding whether or not to get swept up in selected show

3 minutes: read a little more during commercial break

20 minutes: watching show (and, if you're like me and watching CSI: Miami, laughing at David Caruso's annoying soundbites and stupid sunglasses)

1 minute: stare at open book on floor

15 minutes: bite the bullet and read a little more

5 minutes: watch end of show on TV

2 minutes: glance back at book and read a few lines

1 minute: watch the previews for next week's episode of selected show

3 minutes: flip channels while staring at the still-open book

1 minute: decide that you have plenty of time to read before class the next day. shut book and go back to watching TV.

And lastly, two hours is the amount of time it takes to read this ridiculously long post.

Monday, April 10, 2006

in search of a break

Illinois Tollway: $10

Ticket: $32

Hoodie, to keep from freezing to death: $49

Blowing off law school (and all of the accompanying stress), driving down to Chicago, and watching the Cubs sweep the Cardinals: Priceless.

Friday, April 07, 2006

my life is now complete

That's right, folks. I saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile while schlepping to class today.

crybaby baseball players

I was poring over my Yahoo! News this morning (because that's as close as I get to a newspaper), and came across this gem.

In short, a junior college baseball player tried to sue the pitcher who he claimed intentionally hit him with a pitch. The kid's lawyer (who probably had my Torts professor, since we discussed this very issue in class and came to a similar conclusion) decided to sue the school, the manager of the other team, and the makers of his helmet, since that pitcher was obviously out to get him and someone deserves to pay for the broken helmet. Unfortunately for that kid, the judge has apparently seen (or even played in) a baseball game before, and understands that the occasional brushback or beanball is an integral part of the game. (See: Martinez, Pedro)

"The judges concluded their opinion by quoting a Hall of Fame player: 'In the possibly apocryphal words of New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra, 'It ain't over till it's over,' but this means that for Avila's complaint against Citrus College, it's over.'"

Whatever happened to the good ol' days of the bench-clearing brawl? Or, at the very least, the very mean stare as the hit batsman saunters down to first?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

your barista today is: st. peter

If heaven exists, I'd like to think that it looks something like this:

Needless to say, I'm pretty exhausted right now.

(Image jacked shamelessly from Alien Loves Predator.)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

first-degree intentional musicide

Over Spring Break, my desire to not do work got me hooked on American Idol for the first time since the Clay-Ruben Showdown of '03. Now I can't stop tuning in...or, at least, flipping back during "Gilmore Girls"'s commercial breaks.

At the end of the results show tonight, Ryan "Giant Tool" Seacrest announced that next week's show would feature the music of Queen.

And at approximately 8:30 CDT this evening, Freddie Mercury started spinning in his grave so fast that they could light the entire Vegas strip for a month.

(But seriously - WHY? Is nothing sacred to the idiots in charge at FOX? Is that a stupid question?)

I should be writing my oral argument for Saturday (since I've been told that I should not blow it off for the Cubs game) and working on catching up in Property. But the glowing box with the moving pictures (and Milo Ventimiglia) has captivated me yet again.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

why wisconsin grads suck at legal writing, part 3

Dear LR&W Prof,

In the comments at the end of the first draft of my brief, you wrote the following:

"Your writing style is, at times, less than concise."

If you can't tell me in a concise manner that I'm wordy, then why should I put any stock into anything you say? And furthermore, changing "because of" to "due to" does not make my writing more concise - it just eliminates a few characters.

Why don't you go back to the Political Science department and leave the rest of us alone before you cause irreparable damage?


Monday, April 03, 2006

the most wonderful time of the year

It's that time again, folks.

Baseball season.

And for us Cubs fans, it's the time of the year when we have that twinkle of hope in our eyes - the hope that maybe, just maybe, next year is this year; the year when it all suddenly goes right, and ends with a championship banner hung at Wrigley.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck in class without an subscription, meaning that I'm going to be glued to my live stats/score update. (It's way more fun to actually watch the games on the laptop in class.) I used to skip class for this in undergrad, but I'm in "law school", and I "need" to attend class.

Opening Day should be a national holiday for this very reason.

Side note: Apparently, there are still tickets left for Saturday's game at Wrigley vs. St. Louis. I also have an oral argument that day, and it only counts for about 2-3% of my grade. Just how bad would it be, exactly, for me to just blow off the oral argument and go down to Chicago to watch the game (and see John Cusack throw out the first pitch)?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

i'm a good person

...on State Street with friends Saturday night...

Guy: (to group of celebrating girls) Hey, happy birthday!
Girl: It's not a birthday, it's a bachelorette party!
Me: I'm gonna be a lawyer one day - call me when you decide to get divorced.